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Sarina Bowen – The Year We Hid Away Audiobook (A Hockey Romance, The Ivy Years Book 2)

The Year We Hid Away: A Hockey Romance (The Ivy Years Book 2) by [Bowen, Sarina]
Sarina Bowen – The Year We Hid Away Audiobook




This is an endearing story. Bridger we met in the primary book in the arrangement, The Year We Fell Down. In that one, he was an ice hockey player and manwhore. In this one, life conditions have changed his way of life significantly. He’s carrying on with an upsetting, mystery life and attempting to continue pushing ahead, realizing that whenever everything could come smashing down on him. Red, who legitimately changed her name over the late spring, has quite recently persevered through a desolate, excluded senior year because of the criminal prosecution and approaching trial of her dad. In her residential community, she’s blameworthy by being connected. Her dad, to whom she’s never been close, was verbally oppressive in the past and is removed at this point.

Her mom is stressed over keeping up appearances and doesn’t extra an idea to what the circumstance is doing to her girl. She’s squeezing for Scarlet to help exhibit an assembled, concordant front. Sarina Bowen – The Year We Hid Away Audiobook Free. Red sees setting off for college as her escape. There she meets Bridger and their speculative fellowship forms into a sentiment that grounds and advances them two. Be that as it may, when insider facts are uncovered and conditions wind up noticeably frantic, their relationship is pushed as far as possible. I felt such sympathy for both Bridger and Scarlet. I absolutely comprehend the quandary he was in, yet feel Scarlet ought to have believed him with her past after she found the riddle of his life. I truly hated her mom (how might she disregard her little girl being slapped by the father’s guardian?) and Azzad, the protector.

The book didn’t address this, yet I earnestly longed that Scarlet would’ve squeezed charges against him for the illicit programming he put on her telephone, his activities Thanksgiving end of the week, and the slapping. Obviously, I detested the father, as well. In Scarlet’s place, I question I would have addressed him at all when I was constrained back home. No chance he should’ve escaped with that. It was a help to take in reality about her uncle. This one conveyed tears to my eyes. Exceptionally prescribed! Sarina Bowen – The Year We Hid Away Audiobook Online.

The Year We Hid Away is the second book in the Ivy Years arrangement and it concentrates on Scarlet and previous school hockey player Bridger. Red is a rookie and is getting away from a frightful home and Bridger is a joint understudy seeking after his undergrad and experts degrees in the meantime. They meet in class, start to give out and progress toward becoming companions.

Red is concealing her identity from everybody. After a prominent case on her dad is made to a great degree open, she spent the most recent year being avoided by her companions and her group and is eager to begin another life in another city with another name. Bridger is endeavoring to keep up a position of safety while covertly raising his more youthful sister on the grounds that their mom is dependent on drugs. Both Bridger and Scarlet have miles of issues, however the two discover solace and love in each other.

So I’m at the point where I am a bit shell-stunned that this arrangement isn’t uncontrollably fruitful. I can see now why Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy collaborated to compose a book together in light of the fact that their composition style and story organize is fundamentally the same as.

The best piece of this book for me was it was particularly the characters’ own particular book. Truly characters from the past book were there, yet their quality didn’t overpower the story, it upgraded it. The two characters experienced such a large number of hardships yet they stuck together generally and depended on each other for help and solace, what the dominant part of couples ought to do when times get hard. Bunches of sweet ardent minutes amongst Scarlet and Bridger, alongside Bridger’s more youthful sister Lucy. Sarina Bowen – The Year We Hid Away Audiobook Download.

I likewise felt the delineation of school life was genuinely exact in this book. No unusual show where everybody knew everything about each other, no wild gatherings consistently. Fundamentally a considerable measure of generalizations were missing or not exaggerated and it read like a genuine school understanding (or if nothing else like mine).

The reason this is not a 5? All things considered, I’ve been seeing a pattern in Bowen’s books where not all things are settled, and keeping in mind that I realize such is reality, it’d be pleasant to know the entire HEA of the majority of the characters. So far these initial two books felt like they were cut off before the story is finished. Be that as it may, we’ll see with alternate books how it plays out.