Lars Kepler – Stalker Audiobook Free Online

Lars Kepler – Stalker Audiobook Free Online Stalker (The Joona Linna Series)

Lars Kepler - Stalker Audiobook Free Online
Lars Kepler – Stalker Audiobook Free Online

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The police get a video clasp of a lady in a window and reason that somebody more likely than not been remaining in the garden simply outside her home to have the capacity to film her. The following day the lady is discovered dead in her home, the horrible savagery of the scene stuns even the most prepared examiners. Lars Kepler – Stalker Audiobook Free Online.

A couple days after the fact, another clasp is sent namelessly to the police, yet there’s no chance to get of distinguishing the lady before she too succumbs to a ruthless assault. When he

discovers her, the lady’s better half is so damaged by the rough scene that, in a condition of frenzy, he begins cleaning the house. He even washes the blood from his

spouse’s body and puts her to bed, as though nothing is the matter. He may have seen a fundamental piece of information however is in such an extraordinary condition of stun, and is by all accounts experiencing. Lars Kepler – Stalker Audiobook Online.

here and now memory misfortune that the police can’t helpfully address him.

Criminal therapist and trance specialist Erik Maria Bark is brought in entrance the man keeping in mind the end goal to open his recollections of the murder scene. Be that as it may, what Dr Bark reveals in his sessions with the dead lady’s better half make him choose to deceive the police. Lars Kepler – Stalker Audiobook Free Download.

It turns out to be evident that the case can’t be tackled without the assistance of Detective Joona Linna, the man who’s been lost for over a year and has been assumed dead.