Kendall Ryan – The Play Mate Audiobook

Kendall Ryan – The Play Mate Audiobook

The Play Mate by [Ryan, Kendall]
Kendall Ryan – The Play Mate Audiobook

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I swear this series could not get any better!! 100% in love with Kendall and all of the brilliance that come out of that cute brain of hers. This is the second book in a scorchingly hot series that has literally turned me into a needy reader fiending for my next hit of alpha male bad ass. This complete standalone about a swanky lingerie company media sweetheart and the investment tycoon ready to save the day had me wishing their story would never end. Kendall Ryan – The Play Mate Audiobook Free Online.

SERIOUSLY, this story is just the cutest with a super naughty twist! Smith Hamilton is the guy that Evie literally grew up with and lusted over. Being 7 years older than her, Smith was every school girl’s fantasy. Sweet Evie Reed had no business still seeing hearts and flowers when ever she thought of Smith, but she did. All grown up and completely head strong she set her sites on a tall, muscular, fantastic smelling target and isn’t prepared to give up. Funny thing about crushes… Some of the time the crush goes both ways. In this case, Smith realizes his feelings for Evie go way beyond being nice to his best friends little sister…they get freaky and are the kinds of thoughts that could get his ass kicked. She’s totally worth the risk and he isn’t looking for a blessing to show her what he’s made of. Kendall Ryan – The Play Mate Audiobook Download.

HOLY FREAK’N YEAH! I am the biggest fan of Kendall Ryan and adore this book. Not only do I get another dose of male hotness, but I get the kind of man that will ruin a girls lipstick and burn up the sheets. The millionaire who is humble and keeps it real. She has made me love this man for his honesty and valor. He is the relatable guy who has an award winning smile and magical dick. In other words, he’s perfect. Evie is his exact counterpart. Her sweetness is masking the inner goddess completely ready to unleash. These two are my favorite reality couple. Kendall Ryan – The Play Mate Audiobook Streaming. Take away all their money & corporations and you get the real, down to earth deal.

Brilliant story. Adorable couple. Nothing in the way of angst at would make me want to stab someone or throw my kindle. Smooth words that lead me to scorchingly sexy debauchery! Loved loved loved. I can’t wait for more amazingness to come from this author.

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