Elle Kennedy – The Goal Audiobook

Elle Kennedy – The Goal Audiobook (Off-Campus Book 4)

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The Goal (Off-Campus Book 4) by [Kennedy, Elle]
Elle Kennedy – The Goal Audiobook


John Tucker was the calm one of the Briar young men. He was the cook at the house, the person who dealt with the other three. He was the really young looking Texan who persevered through much good hearted ribbing from his group when he chose to keep his playoff facial hair. He was Tucker. And after that, toward the finish of Dean’s book, The Score, Tuck dropped a bomb. He was having a child with an extraordinary young lady, but rather Dean’s enemy and Beau’s ex, Sabrina James.¬†Elle Kennedy – The Goal Audiobook Free Online.

I went into The Goal knowing two things – one, Tucker had a few traps up his sleeve and two, I would need to re-experience the inconvenient loss of a cherished character.

Tucker and Sabrina were pulled in to each other from the get go. Sabrina was never searching for an association with any man. She had no time for that. She was a full time understudy maintaining two sources of income to pay for graduate school. Not simply graduate school – Harvard Law. She was a young lady who comprehended what she needed and wouldn’t give anybody a chance to prevent her from getting to her objective. A superior life than the one she was living. For a character who was not painted in the best light in the past three Off Campus books, Sabrina had a great deal of work to make me like her. Elle Kennedy – The Goal Audiobook Srteaming. Be that as it may, after the principal part from her POV, learning of her home life and what she was managing when she was not on the Briar grounds, I was pulling for Sabrina. Pulling for her acknowledgment to Harvard. Sabrina required somebody who would have her back and deal with her. She won the bonanza when she chose to attach with John Tucker.

Tuck is at an intersection in his life. He’s going to graduate school and begin the following part. Two of his partners, Garret and Logan, are set for play hockey. Dignitary is set for New York to mentor at a private academy. Elle Kennedy – The Goal Audiobook Online. Them three are following their fantasies. Tucker was stuck elsewhere. He feels a feeling of sense of duty regarding come back to Texas, open his own particular business and help his mom. In the wake of going by her amid the occasions, he is second speculating his designs. The place where he grew up is little and the prospect of owning a realty business there is not the most energizing life he can consider.

As Tuck invests more energy with Sabrina, he adapts more about her life than any other individual at Briar knows. He needs to enable her, to deal with her and be there for her, on the off chance that she would simply let him. Their impromptu pregnancy flips both of their universes topsy turvy, driving Tuck and Sabrina down a way neither one of them are prepared for.