A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook

A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook (The Survivalist Series Book 7)

A. American - Avenging Home Audiobook Free Online
A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook

More A. American goodness here. Super story once again. With maybe one exception, all of the The Survivalist Books have been fully developed, stand alone books without the need of plot twists, cliff hangers, what have you; and this one is one of the best of the seven. Avenging Home, takes the story through the early stages of establishing and securing the local community and the first few signs of a local barter economy coming into its own. Great characters, action, and plenty here to make you think about life in a completely changed world. A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook Free Online. Morgan’s girls are growing up and adapting, as is Morgan’s view on life. As A. American said for those interested in an end to this series, this book provides that conclusion in a delightful way. For those that want to stay around for the ride to the next level, I’m sure this last book is only the prelude to what is to come. Looking forward to it. A. American is a really good writer, and has one of the best visions out there of what a collapsed America would look like and act like. So with luck, keep the books coming.
Please, please, please Do Not end this series! I don’t want to say goodbye to Morgan, Sarge, Thad, Doc, Mike, the girls and the rest of the gang. They’ve been friends for too long time to just abandon! Also, there’s so much left to wonder about. Do Sarge & Miss Kay and Ian & Jessie get hitched? A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook Download Free. Do Morgan’s girls grow up to be bad-azzes, like him? Is Perez going to die? Coughing on soap-operas is a sure sign of the character’s imminent death. Is our country invaded? Does Morgan become President? Do Dylan and his wife begin marketing their own brand of pasta sauce? See, this story can easily continue on for years. Just keep writing and we’ll tell you when to stop.
If you refuse, I’ll just have to go back to book 1 and start reading them all over again. This series is awesome and, AA, you are one gifted story teller!
While the other books in this series were fairly engaging, most of this installment was mere dialog. A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook Listen Online. What the dogs ate and how pizza was made for the masses was, well, boring in the extreme. If you’re looking for a bit more “action” this one should probably be skipped as there aren’t more than two or three (truncated) engagements. Normally when reading the “Home” series I read them right through in one sitting. No so with this one. There are, unfortunately, multiple grammatical and typographical errors. I’m wondering if the author does any proofreading either by himself or with the assistance of others. In short, pretty disappointed by this rendition especially when compared with his other books.
Note: Oops! SOCOM is located on McDill AFB, not Patrick AFB. Patrick is on Florida’s east coast, right below Cocoa Beach, not in Tampa. A. American – Avenging Home Audiobook Free Online.